Friday, December 16, 2005

Minot Longboards is a skateboard company specializing in custom deck shapes and designs. Founded in August of 2005, at Minot Longboards we take pride in every single board we shape, design and sell. As we are ourselves skaters, we originally bought Sector9 and Arbor boards out of the local surf shops. When we started breaking them almost weekly and dropping $175+ on cookie-cutter, mass produced boards, it dawned on us to start shaping our own, personalized decks. Minot Longboards was born. We started to make and sell boards to neighborhood gromits, but as the word spread, our boards began to interest respectable riders. Each board is one of a kind, and most are made to order: complete with custom color schemes, grip-tape arrangements, shapes, and designs. We use a 9-ply Baltic Birch, suitable for even the most hardcore riders.

Our most popular shapes:

the Minot Custom. - A 48" bomber, our longest, steadiest deck.
the Minot Poolboard - A Dogtown style poolboard ideal for sliding and tricking
the Minot PinTail - A 35" downhill speedster
the "Hybrid"- Anything you want. We have made many variations to our three flagship shapes, and we often create completely unique shapes for customers who have their own vision.

Minot Longboards Inc. has created a series of t-shirts that will be sold starting in mid-February. More information will be available and you will be able to see pictures of the designs on this website then.

Minot Longboards is:
Tommy Greeley
Shane Caffrey
Sam Brigham
Richard Gauron
Tyler Mosher

If you are interested in more information or you would like to purchase a custom board or t-shirt, contact Minot Longboards @